Rain On Your Wedding Day? Read Our Top 10 Tips To Plan Ahead

Our top 10 tips for rain on your wedding day will help you plan ahead should a downpour of the wet stuff occur. Although rain may be the unwanted guest on your big day it would be foolish not to accept it could happen, especially if this year has taught us anything! To be clear, we’re not referring to the occasional shower that’s over before it’s begun. We’re talking about the endless, non-stop, soul destroying downpours such as the ones we’ve had this summer when it felt as though the deluge was never going to end.

In reality this advice is really for anyone planning an outdoor wedding in a marque or tipi although some tips will still be helpful if you have a roof and four walls at your venue. Send us your tips or better still your rainy photos if you have them and let us know how you survived rain on your wedding day!


You should always consider getting insurance but especially if you’re planning an outdoors wedding. If there’s a hurricane (unlikely but it has happened) your tent providers must put Health & Safety first and may not be able to erect the structure at all! With that unlikely, but all the same possible, scenario in mind, put insurance at the top of your list. Speak to an insurance professional and check the small print to ensure the policy covers all your needs. 


Getting married at a waterside venue? Ask about their flooding history. Has the land ever flooded? If so, to what extent and how often? This may sound extreme but the field out of my office window quickly transforms into a lake when it rains heavily. If the venue’s land is prone to serious flooding ask them what their Plan B is should flooding occur on or around your wedding date.


It’s a sad but true fact that nowadays anyone with an inch of grass believes they have the making of a wedding venue. “Let’s put a tent up and away we go!” The reality is that designing a workable venue takes a bit more thought than that. For instance, how far is the walk from the car park to the marquee? Is there a proper ‘dry’ path or will you be walking over a muddy field if the heavens open?

Your friends might embrace the rainy festival spirit but it’s unfair to expect elderly guests to walk long distances in the rain. No one needs granny getting pneumonia because she got drenched and sat around in wet clothes all day! And we speak from personal experience as guests at a birthday party when we say guests don’t want to be pushing their cars out of the mud at midnight wearing their best outfit! Check for hard standing parking where possible. You really don’t want a mud bath to end your celebrations. A well thought out ‘outdoor’ venue should have something in place to make life easier.


If you’re having a tipi or marquee wedding check with your provider about the type of flooring they provide, if any. Squishing around on soggy matting is no fun. Details like this often make the difference between quotes so before you rush off to book the cheapest, compare the quote like for like. Ask if they provide some kind of flooring and if so what is it.


Ask your transport provider what action they’ll take should it rain. How will they keep you dry getting from the car to the ceremony and back again. Some transport companies will be prepared with large brollies in the boot and even large ground cover mats to protect your dress when you get into or exit the car. But don’t assume every company will provide this. If the forecast is heavy rain, popping some boots in the boot wouldn’t go amiss either in case of serious downpours. After all you don’t want to ruin those Jimmy Choos!


Provide large brollies for your ushers to use to shelter guests from the church or venue to avoid them getting drenched and sitting in wet clothes all day. If the forecast is really bad consider buying festival ponchos for your ushers to keep them dry if they don’t have a suitable raincoat and have some on standby too for your guests just in case. They are cheap to buy and won’t break the bank. 


Hire or buy a few coat rails and hangers to avoid dripping coats being placed over your beautiful chair covers. Ikea sell a range of affordable coat rails although some are sturdier than others so check the reviews! A good event planner should allocate a suitable place for coats whatever the weather so check with your venue/tent providers to see if they provide this as standard. 


If you’re booking a venue solely based around the outdoor photo opportunities you’d do well to check inside the venue for suitable photo spots in case things don’t go to plan. If it does rain on your wedding day and heavily enough that you can’t get outside, you’ll want some alternative backdrops for your wedding photos. Speak with your photographer too and ask how well they know the venue. If the inside doesn’t float your boat decide if you want to risk it. 


For DIY outdoor weddings take spare towels to dry off garden benches and chairs when the rain stops. 


Don’t just organise outdoor games for the kids. Ask your entertainment provider if their games can be brought inside in case of rain. Put together an indoor games table piled with board games, puzzles, crayons and toys to keep the kids occupied but position it far away from the cake table – you don’t need a smashed cake to add to your rainy day! 

You can’t control the weather, no matter how much you think happy thoughts, but you can plan for it. Make your Plan B as much fun as your Plan A so if it does rain on your wedding day and you won’t be disappointed. Simply embrace the weather whatever the day throws at you. Smile, chin up and have a beautiful day.