Do we need wedding insurance?

No matter how organised you are, you can’t see into the future.

Whether you buy insurance or not is a purely personal decision. Weigh up the facts to decide what’s right for you. If Covid taught us anything, it’s that the unexpected can happen.

No one wants to contemplate cancelling their wedding, let alone consider the reason why it was unavoidable. But you can’t see into the future and life does, sometimes, throw us a curve ball. Not always for bad reasons either – you could win the lottery and decide you’re outta here and marrying on your own private island!

But this is feet on the ground, sensible head on time. Take into consideration how much you are spending and all the ‘what ifs and maybe’s that could occur on the lead up to the big day. No-one wants to face the fact that something could go wrong but being covered should put your mind at rest and allow you a few less sleepless nights.

Get professional advice

Go to the experts. Don’t just do what your besties did because their policy might not be right for your wedding. Chat to an insurance company or independent advisor and read the document thoroughly to check the policy is right for your specific plans. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or double check details. Never assume anything!

Cancelling your venue or suppliers

Another note to mention is to check and double check the cancellation policy of your venue and suppliers. What are their terms? Are they clear and concise? Ask them for a copy for your records and don’t sign anything before you understand what you’re signing up to.

What if your venue or supplier cancels you?

It does happen. Venues close, suppliers get sick, none of it your fault but where does it leave you and your wedding if your venue or supplier pulls out? It’s worth asking the question about their Plan B policy. Do they have someone to cover them if they get sick for instance. Suppliers shouldn’t mind you asking. It’s a valid question after all!

High Value Items

If your new sparkler or engagement gift is worth more than your ‘single item’ value on your home insurance get that dazzler insured separately. Most jewellers will offer a valuation and certificate either for a fixed fee or a percentage of the overall value. Just call your insurer and ask to add your ring as a separate item on your home insurance. Take a photo of it and keep the receipt and/or valuation certificate.

Are Your Suppliers Insured?

You’d be amazed how many wedding business do not have insurance. Many think they don’t need it but if they’re worth their salt they should really have taken out at least a decent Public Liability insurance. Transport businesses, venues, marquees, food companies and certain other categories often require additional insurance and checks in place so ask if all their ducks are in a row before you hire them.

Honeymoon Insurance

I’ve recently been unnecessarily spending out on travel insurance for trips away, only for hubby to tell me we have a far better travel insurance policy already in place with our bank! I called them, made a few tweaks to our policy and for a small price upgrade we’re now covered worldwide rather than just in Europe. It’s worth checking with your bank or credit card for all those little extras they offered you, which you’ve since forgotten about, and check any policy you do have is adequate for your trip and destination.

Going on a cruise? – not all travel insurance covers cruising as standard so if you’re setting sail double check your policy and upgrade it to make sure you’re covered.

Going away for longer than 30 days? – check your home insurance covers you for long holidays. If you’re not sure, contact them and ask. You may have to pay a small premium but it’s worth it for the peace of mind.


We are not insurance experts and your personal circumstances are unique to you so please check with a professional insurance advisor to ensure you take out the correct insurance for your needs.