Whether you book me or another wedding pro, getting professional advice can make all the difference to your budget and stress levels!

If you are anxious about planning your wedding, worried about money or don’t know where to begin then don’t worry. This is a completely natural way to feel as you approach such an important project, whatever the size of your wedding.

Thinking of all the possibilities for your wedding can be overwhelming. The most important thing is to start out on the right foot with carefully considered decisions that will save you money, time and stress in the long run.

There is such excitement when we first get engaged we want to embrace everything at once. You’ll hear ‘you should do this, you must do that’ which can push you into overload. Suddenly your mind is full of bold plans about bridesmaids, colour schemes and goodness knows what. You’re thinking tablescapes and invites, flower displays and cake flavours. 

Planning advice can save you time, stress and money

All of this is natural of course but a problem arises if you leap too soon into making impulsive decisions which can bite you on the bum further down the road. Indeed this is the very moment couples run a real risk of sabotaging their budget before they’ve even begun. Inevitably this can lead to unnecessary spending, additional stress and worst of all, regret.

These early decisions can cause, what I call, the Snowball Effect

Here’s an example. You’re showing off your sparkly new ring and in all the excitement you realise you’ve just invited six friends to be bridesmaids. This ‘heat of the moment’ decision has now potentially cost you in excess of £3000 – at least! By what seems to be a simple invitation to be your best gals, which they are whether bridesmaid or not, you’ve set in motion a snowball which could easily run away with your budget. If you can’t imagine how having six bridesmaids can cost this much then this is reason enough to speak with a professional before you begin.

Why should we invest in Wedding Planning Advice?

Because your wedding is one of the most expensive things you’ll ever pay for so surely it makes perfect sense to get professional advice before you start splashing the cash?

What are the benefits? 

It’s a great choice if you want the best start for your wedding planning and ultimately avoid costly mistakes some couples make early on. In my own planning sessions I share my knowledge and tips to help you spend wisely without compromising on quality. I also show you how to avoid wasting money on cliches and gimmicks and give you advice on how to be savvy with your early decisions. This can save you money and stress in the long run.

How much is it?

I charge £250 for my Wedding Planning Advice Sessions and I guarantee you will leave with knowledge and advice that will help you save way more than £250 on your overall wedding spend!

What’s included?

• a simple short questionnaire for you to complete together beforehand.

• 2-3 hours confidential one-to-one time with a wedding pro (that’s me!)

• insider tips, advice and knowledge to get you started on the right track 

• post-session write up of what we discuss for you to keep and refer to 

• budget breakdown guide and your ‘spend’ goals

10% OFF Fizzy Do Wedding Stationery (optional)

• my exclusive Fizzy Do Offers booklet with over £1000 of supplier savings

Let’s get a date in our diaries – message me

How does it work?

We’ll gather around the table and discuss everything about the wedding day you hope to plan.  We’ll chat through any worries, concerns or confusions and give you clarity of where to start. We’ll discuss a realistic budget and tips on how to save money right from the start. We can talk about your guest list and the difference this makes to the venue you choose. You’ll learn what not to do as well as tips for choosing your venue and suppliers.

Who can come to a Wedding Planning Advice session?

It’s up to you. Ideally yourself and your partner but you can come alone or bring a friend, mum, dad but I’d say restrict it to four people, ideally the decision makers, otherwise there may be too many opinions flying around!

Where will we meet? 

Choose the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop or a venue. 

How to book your Wedding Planning Advice Session?

I can’t emphasise enough the difference professional advice can make. Whether you book me or someone else, give yourself the chance to be the savvy couple you want to be. My Wedding Planning Sessions are informal, fun and informative and my aim is to save you money, not suggest ways you can spend more. I’m on your side with no hidden agendas. So whether you want a simple low-key family affair or a lavish bash I’d be delighted to help you start out on the right foot.

*Depending on where you choose to meet I might have to charge some excess mileage. This would kick in if the session is anywhere further than 20 miles from Anstey, Leicestershire. Sessions can also happen over Zoom. I’m also happy to travel further afield if requested. If you wish me to travel further then any additional expenses will be quoted and agreed before the session so do contact me and we can talk this through.

Photography: Rafael Cerqueira