Top tips for grooms - 25 top tips and advice for your wedding day

25 Top Tips For Grooms

Top tips for grooms, wedding advice, do’s, don’ts and everything in between.

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There’s a lot to think about on your wedding day. I’ve put together my top tips for grooms to help you relax and look your best when the big day arrives. There’s wedding advice to see you through the day plus plenty of do’s and don’ts. My top tips will make sure you arrive at the ceremony feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

1. Get a good night’s sleep – don’t be tempted to stay up late the night before your wedding. You want to start the day refreshed not hung over or shattered.

2. Eat a good breakfast. It might be several hours before you eat again so don’t let your blood sugar levels go haywire. Even if you’re nervous, you must eat something. Pop some snacks in your emergency kit (see below)

3. Drink plenty of water – stay hydrated throughout the day.

4. Don’t get drunk before you say ‘I do’. If you must drink alcohol, drink plenty of water between alcoholic drinks and make a comfort stop before the ceremony.

5. Pop a mint just before the ceremony – you’ll want to be minty fresh for that first kiss.

6. Don’t dress the same as your groomsmen. You need to stand out as the groom – not everyone at the wedding will know who you are. Consider an ivory tie/cravat/waistcoat and let the groomsmen wear the theme colour. (If your bride/partner is wearing the theme colour, reverse that advice).

Which one is the groom?

7. Tie your own tie or cravat. Learn how to do it properly if you don’t already know and straighten it before the ceremony, speeches, cake cutting, first dance – basically whenever you are going to have your photo taken.

8. Make sure your grooms party know how to tie their own ties properly. I’ve lost count how many ties I’ve tied for panicked groomsmen who can’t tie their own.

9. Take a spare set of cufflinks because one of your grooms party will probably forget theirs.

10. Turn to watch your bride/partner walk down the aisle. Make eye contact and reassure them you’re with them, all the way. They’ve spent forever preparing for this moment – don’t miss it!

11. Look your partner in the eye when they say their vows to you, and vice versa – don’t worry if you both laugh or cry.

Man in suit adjusting his tie
Pack a spare shirt

12. Have a fresh shirt and tie on standby. You’ll want to feel fresh when greeting your evening guests – or in case you spill something down yourself before those golden hour photos!

13. Pack an emergency kit bag for your prep room – spare socks, underwear, shoe laces, shirt button and thread, deodorant, plasters, comb, tissues, hand wipes.

14. Pack your dancing shoes! It’s not just high heels that can be uncomfortable. If you’re wearing new shoes wear them in before the big day and have a second comfier pair to change into for the evening reception.

15. Top hats – don’t do it! I’ve never seen anyone look good in one of these. If you really must have one then they are supposed to be worn straight on your head – not tipped backwards and never to be worn indoors. My advice is avoid all hats – top, flat or any shape really!

16. Socks – if you’re wearing a tux or formal suit, wear them. Nothing diminishes the tuxedo vibe more than no socks. If you’re getting married on a beach or wearing a casual suit then you can probably carry off the no-socks look. If the dress code is formal, sock it up.

Leave the last button undone – make sure the waistcoat covers your belt

17. Waistcoats – these should sit below the waistline to hide the belt and prevent the shirt from billowing out underneath. It’s traditional to leave the bottom button undone.

18. It’s not just brides that need a small spritz bag to freshen up during the reception – pack a packet of tissues, hand sanitiser or hand wipes for use after all those handshakes, travel size aftershave for a top up spritz and a packet of breath mints. Keep it under the top table or with someone who’ll keep it safe for you.

19. Be yourself for your speech. Don’t try to be the next best thing to Peter Kay with your speech. Just be yourself and don’t say anything that would embarrass your partner.

20. Make the speeches before the meal if you’re really nervous. Consider making them before the meal during the drinks reception so you can relax and enjoy your meal with the worrying bit behind you. Your best man might thank you for this too.

21. Check the best man’s speech. If you’re worried about the best man’s speech ask to see it beforehand but if he won’t show it to you then you either need to be worried or you’ve got the wrong best man.

22. Have a raincoat and umbrella on standby if there’s the chance of rain.

23. Don’t leave any jobs for the wedding day. My top tips for grooms are all about trying to make your life easier so where possible get everything done and out of the way before the wedding day. Leave yourself plenty of time and head space to get ready. This will reduce your stress levels.

24. Don’t prop the bar up all day with your mates. Make the effort to meet and chat to all your guests at least once. Do this alongside your partner during the drinks reception so it’s done.

25. Remove your mobile phone from your trouser pocket before your photographs. Nothing spoils the line of a suit more than a bulging phone! Don’t put it in your jacket pocket either.

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