Three Photographers Share Their Favourite Wedding Photo from 2023

Wedding photographers are surrounded by beautiful wedding photos day in and day out. In fact their whole life revolves around them. With so many beautiful wedding images to choose from we thought we’d ask some of our contributing photographers what is their favourite wedding photo of 2023 and why. Three of our contributing wedding photographers (spot their photography in INSPOSA 2) sent us their favourite shot and explain why they love it.

Laura Jayne Photographer

Natural Lifestyle Photographer based in Yorkshire 

A bit about Laura

“Hey, I’m Laura and anyone who knows me will tell you, I am utterly in love with my job. Even though it doesn’t ever feel like a job! They will also tell you I love country music, cosy nights in, anything sweet (cheesecake is my guilty pleasure) and that I will jump at any chance to explore new places.  With a heartfelt, natural & modern style I adore photographing real love; the little things and the big feelings.

My Favourite Photo of 2023

I chose this photograph as my favourite of 2023 because of how much emotion is captured in one single frame. From the tears in the Groom’s eyes as he says his personal vows to his wife, the gentle hand she offered him to comfort him through, but also the father of the groom in the background showing so much emotion in his face. When I look at this photograph, I see love and I am transported straight back to the moment and for me that’s what is important about my job. It isn’t the best image I have ever taken, however it is one of the most heartfelt.” – Laura

Samantha Alice Photography

Wedding Photographer based in Northamptonshire

A bit about Samantha

“I’ve always had a camera close to hand, constantly looking for photo opportunities and filling my walls with family portraits. 

Over the years I’ve developed my style, which I would describe as Natural, Relaxed and Joyful. Focusing on capturing the in-between moments, and candid couple portraits in beautiful backdrops.

My Favourite Photo of 2023

Holly and Ben at Kelmarsh Hall is one of my favourite photos of 2023 because it was one of my favourite weddings. We had been dodging the rain for most of the afternoon and headed down to the walled garden with their gorgeous dogs, Barney and Bow, for some relaxed couple portraits, when suddenly the sun appeared. In this brief moment they fully embraced the giggles and ran to the best sunny spot in the garden. I feel this photo radiates joy and a beautiful candid portrait where they are being themselves.” – Samantha

Elen Studio Photography & Film

Photographer & Videographer based in Derbyshire

A bit about Elena & Yury

“Hi, we’re Elena and Yury. We provide photography and videography across the Midlands and beyond. For over 15 years we’ve focussed on shooting beautiful, artistic images and films that you’ll treasure throughout your married life. We aim to take the pressure off you, ensure your day runs smoothly and to provide stunning images and films that capture the elegance and emotion of the day.

Get to know Elen Studio Photography & Film

My Favourite Photo from 2023

Photography is all about light, shadows and moments. I always look for unusual light during the wedding day. The first dance of the bride and groom is often the best time for me to capture this symphony of emotions and light. The monochrome palette intensifies the timeless elegance of the moment, emphasising the interplay of shadows and highlights. The groom’s gaze meets the bride’s radiant smile, their connection illuminated by the subtle dance of light and shadow.” – Elena

Thinking about your photos?

As you know we have plenty of real weddings for INSPOSA or you to indulge in but these aren’t just about finding the pretties and giving you inspiration. When you’re scrolling through take a look at the real emotions that great photographers capture on the day. These are the special moments that will go by in a flash on the day but will be return to you as if they happened yesterday when you turn the pages of your wedding album or scroll through your photos.

Never be scared to let the day unfold naturally. Not one of the photos chosen above was posed for by the couple. They are beautifully captured ‘organic’ moments that an experienced and skilled wedding photographer is always on the look out for. No ‘posed’ photo in the world, however wonderful they can be, compares to a photo caught just in the moment, unplanned, born from happenstance, raw emotion, sheer serendipity or the hilarity of human nature.

The unexpected always promises the biggest surprise so allow the realness of ‘you two’ to shine through on your day and leave the capturing of those special moments to your wedding photographer.

Above all, relax, be yourselves and have fun!