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Modern Free Spirit City Wedding Shoot in Cambridge

City vibe wedding shoot photographed by Masha Unworth

A boy, a girl and a day to remember – be inspired to plan the ‘just the two of us’ wedding you’ve been dreaming of

Hands up if you’ve ever said to your other half “don’t you wish we could just get married, just the two of us?”

Well if the last year has taught us anything, and as if we didn’t already know, size isn’t everything, so in answer to your question – what’s stopping you? Smaller weddings are now ‘a thing’ and I for one hope they continue way beyond Covid because I think there’s something truly romantic when a couple decide love is all they need to have their best day.

Amidst all the let downs and disappointments for weddings in 2020 don’t for a minute think there weren’t couples out there who thought “hallelujah – we can ditch the big plans, go small and blame it on Covid!” We hear you.

Officially you only require two witnesses to be in attendance to legally get married. After that you can spend the rest of the day just the two of you. There’s no law that says you have to have a big shindig. If you don’t want the ‘big do’ then don’t have it. The box of ideas opens up big time when you don’t have 200 guests to worry about.

In reality however, it’s rare for any of us to have the freedom to make decisions that just suit ourselves, not when families are involved. There’s always someone to keep happy. That’s where compromise comes in. If you’re duty bound to placate the nearest and dearest opt for a swanky restaurant with a handful of your loved ones. Alternatively if you want a knees up with friends then plan a party for later that same evening. There’s no law to say you must have an official wedding reception! You can skip straight to an evening do if you want. Or why not skip straight to the honeymoon and sip champagne in the departure lounge instead. It’s all good.

It was this ‘free spirit’ vibe that draw me to this shoot submitted by wedding photographer Masha Unwerth and team. I love the easiness of it all. I’ve often said to my couples in the past ‘the more you plan, the more you have to worry about’ so this laid back ‘just the two of us’ wedding is the perfect antidote to wedding day stress.

As you look at these images take a moment to consider the backdrop. There’s nothing contrived or forced or unnecessary. Everything is natural and ‘real’. And what I love most about this wedding is that you can redo the whole thing on every anniversary.
Should you want to.

I love the shots where she’s wearing his jacket. That’s such a cute look. There’s an air of simplicity in these photos – breathe it in. It goes to prove you don’t need a wagon full of crazy to make your wedding day special. Keeping it simple gives you more time to spend together – how many couples will tell you they barely saw each other on their wedding day?

If we took these photos and added in half a dozen guests it would still have the same special feel so don’t think you have to be completely alone to get this vibe – but let’s be honest this set up is really romantic isn’t it?

Masha explains the inspiration behind the shoot:

“I have always been fascinated with the city and wanted to capture the free young spirit of our modish couple as they meander around Cambridge, exploring the city alleyways, crazy in love, watching the city life go by and soaking up all the atmosphere this fabulous place holds.  After the ‘ceremony’ our couple pick a spot in one of the city gardens where their intimate celebration of pizza and Prosecco takes place. 

…what I love most about this wedding is that you can redo the whole thing, just as it is, on every anniversary

EJ – insposa Editor

“As a photographer and stylist, I created a contemporary monochromatic yet elegant look for our couple. Candice Westgate of So Blooming Beautiful carefully used a selection of cala lilies to achieve a clean floral bouquet that perfectly suited the city scene, and the mood board.

Polly Waghorn of RDW Hair created a statement hair complimented by Kent-based makeup artist, Becky Downton with the focus on red lips. The vibe is perfect for couples who are not afraid to bring in something different to their day. They love to keep up with all that life has to offer enjoying every moment amid the energy of the city they chose to be in.”

Price guide:

Masha Unwerth, Photographer / £1250 for up to 12 hours of coverage 
Dress, One off piece, (individual order via Masha Unworth) Size – Small / £150
RDW Hair / Bride £80 – Bridal party £45 – Flower girls £20
Becky Downton MUA / Bride £120 – Bridal party £70 
So Blooming Beautiful / Bridal bouquet: from £80.00 – Buttonhole: from £10.00

Suppliers on instagram:

  • Photographer, concept & styling @masha.unwerth
  • Florals @sobloomingbeautiful
  • Hair stylist @rdwhair
  • MUA @beckydownton_mua
  • Models @summercallow_ @james7.4

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