Reusable fabric gift bags

Tote and drawstring bags

Currently obsessed with these reuse/repurpose gift bags that just arrived at the insposa store.

They are artisan made, 100% cotton with the cutest gold drawstrings and perfect for making your gift look extra, extra special. We also have small bags which are the perfect size for a ring box! (hint hint)

Drawstring bags

Small: 3.50
Medium: 4.50
Large: 6.50

Tote bags

Small: 4.50
Medium: 6
Large: 8.50

They’re perfect for birthday presents or use them for bridesmaid, wedding or baby shower gifts. They’re an extra gift in themselves because they’re reusable (so love the planet!) and they’re just the job to wrap a pesky odd shaped present or when you don’t have time to faff about with paper and sticky tape! Win win!