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Review Policy

Sharing Our Favourite Finds

Our Review Policy

We will only review venues and products we believe in and that we think will be of interest to our clients. We’re a discerning bunch so one of the first things we look for is that the venue or product will sit comfortably beside the insposa brand.


ALL our reviews are born from our own personal opinion so we will always urge you to check that venues, suppliers and products suit your personal preferences and needs. What we like may not be right for you, and vice versa, so always, ALWAYS, get your own references and do your research. We can’t stress this enough.


When we are sent free products we will disclose this within the review itself. A relationship of trust is really important to us so we will never agree to write a review just because we’ve been offered payment or something for free.

We have a great wedding venue – will you come and review it?

Recommended venues

One of our favourite things is finding a wonderful venue to shout about to our clients. Our experience working in 4 red star hospitality means we speak your language and understand as much about what goes on behind the scenes as what happens front of house. We’re always excited to visit a venue and see what you have to offer our clients.

Will you review my product?

We’d be happy to review your product as long as it’s relevant to our clients. In the first instance please complete our enquiry form with more details about your product. A link to your website or instagram is helpful and tell us what makes your product the bees knees.