On the night H.M. The Queen passed away

Kelmarsh Hall & Gardens Autumn Showcase

I was in the Ballroom at Kelmarsh Hall when I was told the terrible news that our dear Queen Elizabeth II had passed away. The news came to us at 6.30pm. I for one felt the sting of tears as soon as I heard. Our wonderful Queen was gone.

We were gathered at Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens in Northamptonshire for the Autumn showcase. There was a sense of disbelief amongst all of us as we came to terms with the news. The woman we had known all our lives had left us and the world was in mourning. Should we stop the event? What do we do? What is expected of us? None of us had any answers. It was, looking back, quite surreal.

Fittingly the Saloon was abundant with flowers. What is it about flowers that we feel the need to make them part of every life event, be it happy or sad? They must in some way make an unspoken statement that all is, or at least will be, well.

Weddings are, to me anyway, the pinnacle of hope. New beginnings, new life ahead, the hopes and dreams of two people joining together with a commitment to love each other eternally. And now our much loved Queen had gone to join her own eternal love, Prince Philip. Somehow the pain of her loss was lessened knowing that she was reunited with the love of her life, her ‘strength and stay’.

We would like to take this moment to offer our sincere condolences to the Royal Family, the Queen’s friends and the staff who served her.

Thank you Your Majesty for your loyal service and steadfast devotion to our country and its people. Rest in peace Ma’am, your duty is done.

images (c) Buckinghams Media