Natalya James rebrand by insposa design studio
Natalya James rebrand by insposa design studio
Logo redraw & colour palette

Natalya James Bridal

The Brief

Northamptonshire bridal designer and boutique, Natalya James Bridal, commissioned insposa studio to edit their website. For several years owner, Natalie Learmouth, had the look she wanted in her head but not on the screen and needed our help making her vision a reality.

Natalya James rebrand by insposa design studio

Customer Experience

“Can’t recommend EJ and Brian enough. I had my website overhauled and edited by EJ who did an absolutely fabulous job and made it exactly how I’ve wanted it for such a long time and was all completed really quickly too with lots of correspondence. Brian also tweaked my logo and made me a button badge to use in various ways which is perfect and exactly what I wanted. Both of them are always so helpful and brilliant to work with.”

Website Redesign

Logo & Colour Palette

We advised a slight rework of her logo to add balance to the lettering. We also advised a shift from grey to crisp black and white establishing the brand’s fashion vibe. A soft pink was added to soften the look and add depth.

Before insposa web edit
After insposa web edit

Reworked Logo

Natalie’s logo is her signature so an important element of her brand. We suggested a slight rework of the lettering to add some space and fine tune the lines.

Original logo
Logo redrawn and styled by insposa

Submark & Favicon

Natalie commissioned a new submark and favicon based around her new colour palette and lettering. She sent us a sketch of exactly what she wanted and Brian set about creating the graphics.


Natalie decided to use her new submark as a decal for her boutique windows. We reworked and resized the artwork ready to meet print standards to ensure her decals would be crisp and clear.

The Navigation Bar

Natalie told us one of her biggest bugbears on her website was her navigation bar. It was clunky, bulky and not very pretty. Furthermore it wasn’t helping her visitors to easily navigate the site. We redesigned the dropdown menus, changed the fonts and simplified the menu for ease of navigation.


We edited an agreed selection of pages, boxed the copy, tidied up stray graphics, updated links, resized the images to replace blurred, out of focus shots and streamlined the fonts.