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Full content disclosure for your peace of mind

It’s important for us to offer full disclosure about the content we share on INSPOSA. We want to make it easy for you to understand the type of content you’re reading at any time. Like every business we need revenue to survive so we rely on advertisements and sponsorships. So that you can easily distinguish between adverts and editorial content, we’ve outlined below the types of advertisements and sponsorships you’ll find.

Affiliate Links

What is an affiliate link?

  1. Across the insposa website we occasionally add what are known as ‘affiliate links’ to third party seller products and services.
  2. When you click on an affiliate link and subsequently make a purchase from the seller we receive a small commission from the seller. This does not affect the price you pay.
  3. Affiliate links are included in the INSPOSA shop and within blog posts
  4. Blog posts which contain affiliate links are clearly defined at the top of the post.

Sponsored Posts

What is a sponsored post?

Sponsored Posts are easily identifiable by the ‘Sponsored’ badge at the top of the post. A Sponsored Post is a ‘paid for’ post. It is content similar to an advertisement but which goes into greater detail about the sponsor. Brands sponsor posts to promote new products, raise awareness about their brand and advertise their services. For instance a brand may open a new store and want us to cover the launch and write an article dedicated to their brand. Brands may also write their own post and pay for it to be published.

Our policy with regard to sponsored posts

Sponsored posts differ from editorial posts in that there is no financial remuneration for the latter. We will only write or publish a sponsored post for brands we believe in ourselves and think will be of interest to you.


A relationship of trust between ourselves and our readers is really important to us. Be assured we will never write a review just because we’ve been paid or given something for free.

We will only write reviews about the venues and products we believe in and that we think will be of interest to you. Obviously all reviews are born from our own personal opinion and we still urge you to check that the venues and products suit your personal preferences and needs.

Business – would you like us to review your venue or product? – read our Review Policy.

When we are sent free products or remunerated in some way in return for writing a review we will always disclose this to you within the review itself.


{coming soon}

The INSPOSA store, including the ‘Editor’s Choice’ selection, is a mix of products our editor uses personally, products on her own personal ‘wish list’ or items and services we simply love from afar and believe might be of interest to you too. This does not mean we have personally tested or used all the products we share with you and we make no guarantee as to the quality or fitness for purpose. Please read the policies of the seller as your purchase is made directly with them.

Affiliate links can be found in the shop so if you do go ahead and buy a product, thank you for your support.

Prices, product information and availability of products in the INSPOSA shop is correct at time of writing but subject to change at any time and without notice so please check the seller websites for the most up to date information – they could be on sale!

Wedding Directory

What is The INSPOSA List and why is it different to other ‘directory’ lists?

The INSPOSA List is a wedding directory type resource and a carefully curated collection of wedding venues, vendors and stockists. Businesses we love and we think you’ll love too. Some members work with us on editorial shoots or events so we know them first hand. Others we’ve fallen in love with from afar, quietly stalking their Instagram feed or meeting via mutual industry friends. Wedding businesses not yet known to us can also apply to become a member and are also required to complete our application process.

Do Wedding Directory members pay to join? 

Yes we charge an affordable membership fee but we are all about quality not quantity. We don’t offer membership to just anyone. Businesses have to pass our application process and so no-one can just buy their way onto our list. We may have some services without any members but this is because we’d prefer to have an empty section rather than just list anyone to fill the gap.

What if I have a bad experience with a INSPOSA List member?

We hope this never happens but if it did we would definitely like to know about it. Please be aware we are not responsible for the actions of directory members and we do not guarantee their services or make any recommendation for their suitability for your particular requirements. Please read our Disclaimer below for more details or get in touch if you have any questions. We strongly advise you to fully research suppliers and venues and gather your own independent references to make sure they are right for you.


Across the INSPOSA website we feature a variety of advertising, sponsored posts, listed business including venues, products and retailers that we believe may be of interest to our readers.

It is important you understand we make no warranties, recommendations, representations or guarantees, express or implied, to the fitness for purpose, reliability, legitimacy, quality of product and/or suitability of any vendor, venue, stockist or product.

You agree it is your responsibility to check that any vendor, venue, stockist or product is right for you before making any purchase.

You are strongly advised to undertake your own research and ask for references from all suppliers and venues.

INSPOSA take no responsibility for any loss, damage, neglect or injury, howsoever caused, by any business, individual, website, exhibitor, product, supplier or venue listed on this website or whose details we send to you.

We are in no way responsible for the acts, omissions or errors of third parties whomever they may be.

Any contract for services or sale is made directly between you and your chosen retailer, vendor, venue or stockist.

In Conclusion

We hope this clarifies the different types of content on INSPOSA however if you have any questions feel free to contact us. We hope you’ll find INSPOSA to be an inspiring, informative resource which you enjoy reading. You are always welcome to contact us with your thoughts or if you need any help with your wedding planning. We’re happy to help if we can.