Halfpenny London Daydreamer Collection Tulip Dress
Vine Coat & Ash Dress

Halfpenny London | Daydreamer Collection SS21

Halfpenny London Sweeps Us Off Our Feet With A Bridal Coat, Statement Backs & Exquisite Detailing

Whenever I say the words ‘Halfpenny London’ to anyone the response is always the same, ‘Oh I LOVE them’. Well the Daydreamer collection is testament as to why Kate Halfpenny is well deserving of so much love and fandom. She’s given us a collection so enthralling that it really should come with its own set of posters for us to pin to our bedroom wall. I guess we’ll just have to settle for Pinterest instead.

Skirts are like waterfalls, exquisite embroidery ever flowing down from the waistline into puddles of lace or tulle on the floor. Super sexy silhouette gowns wrapped in frothy capes and that incredible oversized quilted coat that I personally believe is a must for any wardrobe whether you’re saying ‘I do’ or not. I mean that’s the new staple, right? Let alone those statement backs such as the Walnut Top, paired with the Marlene Trousers. This is sheer heaven.

Bridal Separates

Bridal separates are big news at the moment and designers are meeting the demand from brides wanting to create their own unique look. “Each garment is designed with the broader Halfpenny London collection in mind” says Halfpenny “creating thousands of possibilities for brides to hand pick their favourite elements to create the wedding look of their dreams and express themselves in their own unique way”.

“The Daydreamer Collection is a natural evolution of the brand. We’ve continued to develop our own exclusive beading and embroidery, while my obsession with textiles has reached new heights!.”

Kate Halfpenny

Wedding Dresses

The collection includes beautiful wedding dresses too and I’m currently trying to decide whether the Apple Lace Dress or the Apple Butterfly Dress is my favourite. I’m totally smitten with the Maple Capelet, Maple Skirt and Philip Dress ensemble too. I genuinely pity the Halfpenny London bride who has to turn her back on so many incredible combinations having decided upon ‘the one’ all out winner. I can only conclude that shopping for your bridal outfit at Halfpenny London must be akin to choosing a puppy. No matter how much you’ve fallen head over heels in love with the dress that’s coming home with you, deep down, you really want to take them all.

Lookbook | Daydreamer Collection

The solitude of my journey helped me remember the childlike pleasure and freedom of daydreaming

Kate Halfpenny