Lust & Found

your double shot of inspo from our favourite finds in wedding world

insposa ‘Lust & Found’ is here! Consider this your double shot of wedding inspo. Dive headfirst into our favourite finds to discover the movers and shakers of wedding world!

What’s it all about?

You know those stolen moments when you need a quick hit of wedding inspo? You’re on the move, grabbing lunch or waiting in line for a coffee. You haven’t got time to read a full on article – you just want an instant fix to perk up your Pinterest board and get the creative juices flowing. Well say hello to ‘Lust & Found‘. Our quick fire wedding ideas segment with one simple aim – to help you find the ideas and inspiration you want but now, now, now. It’s the same concept as speed dating, only much prettier!

How does it work?

Wedding Vendors

Got something amazing to show our readers and followers? Tag us in to your instagram posts so we get a notification. It’s our ‘heads up’ about you. We’ll check out your post and take a look a your latest creation. We then pick our very favourite finds and feature them on the insposa ‘Lust & Found‘ putting your products and services front and centre of our B/Gs. Plus when we feature you, you’ll get your hands on a snazzy ‘as featured on Lust & Found’ brag badge to share and show off your awesomeness!


Scroll through and grab that wedding inspo. You’ll find the instagram name of the creator at the top of the post so you can follow them on instagram if you love their style – look out for the Lust & Found badge online to check out more awesome movers and shakers we’ve spotted. Are you following us on instagram yet? Join our gang now

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Just to be clear

We haven’t seen all these things up close you understand, or even tried, tasted or tested them out, but they caught our eye, looked so pretty and made us go ‘ooooh’ – so we’re simply sharing the love with you. As we always say – check the reviews and recommendations of EVERY supplier or venue before you book them to check what they do is right for you.

Links & advertisements

We are affiliate advertisers for some brands so for clarity’s sake, when we post a product, for which we may receive a small commission should you buy it, we will state this by writing #AD at the beginning of the post and a declaration. For more information on this read the Affiliate Links & Advertising article.

Found what you were looking for? Pay some love forward…

We love nothing more than when one of our B/Gs find that ‘thing’ they’ve been looking for – promise you’ll let us know when you do. And if you make contact with any of the guys featured we’d love you to the moon and back if you’d mention you found them on insposa.

I’ve been spotted for ‘Lust & Found’? What happens next?

First congrats on being spotted! We’re going to ask you for any photographer credit that’s needed and of course we’ll want a link to your website and/or instagram plus any additional contact details you want our B/G’s to know. Plus a description of the item, a price guide if appropriate and any other relevant info. And of course we’ll send you an awesome ‘as featured on Lust & Found’ badge to show off to all and sundry!