insposa brides

insposa brides are stylish women planning modern weddings with a creative edge. They are design led, seeking out the latest fashions and style-biased decor to bring their wedding story to life. Our brides are relaxed, independent thinkers, confident to break away from traditional choices, opting instead for the unique and unusual.

Insposa brides are curious creatures, daring to risk the rabbit hole to see what they might find. A colour, a fabric, a texture; the minutest detail inspires them. Their wedding day will be dramatic and unforgettable even when subtle and controlled.

Unapologetically working elements of theatre into their day, the insposa bride focuses on creating a true experience for their guests. They like us believe quality is way more important than quantity and together we’re seeking out vendors who are unashamedly passionate about the aesthetics.


What do you look for in a member?

We’re on the search for creative brands, fashionista boutiques, unique artisans and lust-worthy venues offering high quality products or services. Our modern brides want anything but the norm. There is an abundance of wedding directories online so we’re leaving the mainstream in their capable hands – instead we’re seeking out the ‘something different’. the unconventional, the truly epic; the show stopping, head turning brands who infuse a touch of drama into everything they do.

Whilst style and presentation are undoubtedly at the core of our members brands, their ethos runs deeper. You’ll run your business with an ethically sound judgement and be environmentally conscious too upholding an honest ‘best practice’ and excellent customer service. You’re passionate about what you do, presenting yourself impeccably and upholding high moral values. In essence you are a true professional in your field.

More importantly we like to think The insposa List is predominantly about ‘people’ – good, honest, kind-hearted souls who value others and want to lift others up, not put them down. We’re all about the love here, and if you ever exhibit at one of our superstar wedding shows you’ll feel those lovin’ vibes all around you.


Will you keep in touch when I become a member?

Are you kidding? We want to build a purposeful relationship with you. We positively encourage you to keep us up to date with your news, tag us into your posts and take advantage of opportunities that arise to put you front and centre of our brides. We’ll keep you up to date too with upcoming wedding shows, social gatherings and anything we think you might want to get involved with to get your brand in the spotlight.


When I become a member, can I submit my editorial shoots & real weddings?

Absolutely! and you’ll be eligible to display a ‘featured’ insposa badge on your website too. We are always excited to receive your photo shoots and real weddings for consideration. Furthermore, by way of supporting our members, we will always prioritise publication of editorial content from our members over and above that of non-members.

As you’d expect, all submissions are subject to editorial review to ensure consistency for the insposa brand but if we don’t feel a shoot or real wedding is quite right for us we’re always happy to give feedback as to why. We’ve outlined what we look for from a shoot on our ‘Submissions’ page to give you a heads up.


What are the insposa member #hashtags

You’re a member of The insposa List and we’ve just published yet another of your kickass shoots or real weddings which makes you eligible for your own personal insposa hashtag. This means you’ve just started building your ‘features’ portfolio on insposa. You’re hashtag pulls together all your features onto one page so that brides can easily find your work in one neat place.


What else can I do to promote my brand on insposa

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  • Banner ads
  • Venue / product reviews