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We are delighted you’re considering joining the insposa family and promoting your brand to our readers and followers. We guess you’ll want to know a little more about us before you make such an important decision for your brand so go ahead and read our bio.

insposa is aesthetically driven, unashamedly inspiring couples seeking the finer things for their wedding and those looking to infuse some drama into their day

EJ – Founder & Editor

Whilst style and presentation are undoubtedly at the core of an INSDER, their ethos runs deeper. You’ll run your business with an ethically sound judgement and be environmentally conscious too. ‘Plastic fantastic’ is simply not your thing. Instead you’re motivated about ethically sourced materials, uphold an honest ‘best practice’ and your beyond proud of your excellent customer service. Your business means more to you than the pay cheque. You’re passionate about what you do. You live and breath your craft. You present yourself impeccably and uphold high moral values. In essence you are a true professional in your field.

About our readers

insposa readers are a stylish bunch planning modern weddings with a creative edge. They are design led, seeking out the latest fashions and style biased decor to bring their wedding story to life. They’re relaxed, independent thinkers, confident to break away from traditional choices, opting instead for the unique and unusual.

insposa readers are curious creatures, daring to risk the rabbit hole to see what they might find. A colour, a fabric; the minutest detail inspires them. Their wedding day will be dramatic and unforgettable even when subtle and controlled. Unapologetically working elements of theatre into their day, they’re focussed on creating a true experience for their guests. They, like us, believe quality is way more important than quantity and together we are unashamedly passionate about the aesthetics.

Advertising options

We have a choice of flexible space depending on your purpose and we’re pleased to offer both fixed price and monthly payment terms too. Feel free to give us a call on 07730 408971 if you’d prefer to discuss the options in more detail or if you have something particular in mind.

  • Sponsored Posts – paid for posts written by ourselves or guest posts
  • Banner ads – strategically placed across our site, linked to your website
  • INSIDER list – our curated list of vendors we love
  • INSIDER lookbook – emailed out to subscribers with a copy of the the INSIDER list
  • Venue list {under construction} – a list of superb venues our couples will fall in love with
  • Product placement – we feature products and services in our articles
  • Venue Reviews – read our Review Policy for more details

Will you keep in touch if I become an INSIDER?

Absolutely! Don’t for a minute think we’ll take your money and run. Far from it. We want to build a purposeful relationship with you. We positively encourage you to keep us up to date with your news and take advantage of opportunities that arise to put you front and centre of our readers.

Can I submit my editorial shoots & real weddings?

Absolutely, and you’ll be eligible to display a ‘featured’ insposa badge on your website. We are always excited to receive your photo shoots and real weddings for consideration. Furthermore, by way of supporting our members, we will always prioritise publication of editorial content from INSIDERS over and above that of non-members. As you’d expect, all submissions are subject to editorial review to ensure consistency for the insposa brand but if we don’t feel a shoot or real wedding is quite right for us we’re always happy to give feedback as to why. We’ve outlined what we look for from a shoot on our ‘Submissions’ page.

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