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wedding and event planning for lovers of style, creativity, cool vibes, fashion feels, lust-worthy locations

Buckinghams Media (Partnership)
Partners: Emma-Jane Wright & Brian Wright
Address: insposa, 4 Cropston Road, Anstey, Leicestershire LE7 7BJ
Telephone: 0116 235 0081
‘insposa’ is a trade mark and trading name

/ our name

/ˈɪnspəʊ/ noun

1. something or someone that serves as inspiration or motivation

/’spɔza/ noun

1. bride

Where it all began

In 2012, after seeing a gap in the market for a stylish local wedding website for brides planning weddings in Leicestershire, we posted our first blog post under the title Buckinghams. We were all about sourcing and sharing ideas and inspiration from top notch local wedding suppliers and venues and very soon our reach expanded across the East Midlands. By 2018 we were planning luxe wedding fairs and we’d launched our own wedding magazine. The rest, as they say, is history.

/ new beginnings

Roll forward to Spring 2019 – we’re in the midst of planning an incredible photo shoot, staging a wedding venue and working with an epic creative team. This is what we love to do. Our happy place. The concept of creating a new brand has been bubbling over in our mind for a while; we’re ready for something new. We want to create a brand to which we can apply all we’ve learned over the years, reflect and learn from past mistakes and to create something fresh with the benefit of experience and the value of hindsight. insposa is conceived.

It will take another eighteen months, and the downtime afforded us by a pandemic, which sent print and events the way of the Dodo, to give us the time and space we need to build our new brand. We’ll start from scratch, rip up the text book and write some new rules.

September 2020 – insposa is born.

/ the vibe

insposa is for the modern couple who love the cool stuff.

We source creative trailblazers from across the world of weddings and events, both well loved names and emerging talent from the UK and beyond. insposa is about style, design and creating unique experiences for every occasion.

insposa is aesthetically driven, unashamedly helping couples find the finer things for their wedding and those looking to infuse some drama into their day.

EJ – Founder

/ our clients

You want ‘epic’. You’ve never done ‘the norm’ and you’re not about to start now. You’re not tied to trends, you’re comfortable going your own way, but, you still like to know what’s new. You’re hunting out the the latest ideas and inspiration but making them your own. You love quirky, clever, stylish, arty, fun; ideas you’ve never seen before and even if something is not quite your thing you can still appreciate its design.

You also get the simple and understated. Not everything has to be a showpiece. A button. A sleeve. The smallest detail can make your heart sing. Quality is paramount over quantity. And for you, it’s all about the senses – you’re planning a wedding day your guests will remember long after the last dance has played.

insposa connects you with the artisans, creatives, designers and venues that roll with your style.
Join the insposa subscribers to stay front and centre.

/ in business

Working the magic

We’re all about the look. We’re happiest creating mood boards and writing new stories to bring to life. Whether photo or film you’ll love what we do.

Lights, camera, action

Hire our creative team to create something visually spectacular for your new collection, venue, showcase, product shoot or for new marketing paraphernalia.

  • editorial shoots (photo & film)
  • venue staging
  • new collection editorial/look books
  • showcase conceptualisation
  • venue consultancy
  • retail window design
  • pr & marketing
  • event design

Makeovers & rewrites

We offer professional graphic design, branding and copy writing services for those businesses wanting impeccable marketing materials to promote their brand. Perfect for venues and vendors who target the mid to high-end demographic, our twenty plus years of experience enables us to create beautiful bespoke logos, printed paraphernalia and digital look books that target the luxury audience.

  • logos & colour palettes
  • rebrands
  • advert design
  • copy writing
  • SEO & web editing
  • brochures, look books, business cards et al.

Whilst many of our competitors simply reuse and rework clip art they’ve purchased online, designs from the insposa studio are created from scratch by our qualified in-house designer meaning everything we do is unique to you. From concept to completed artwork, we’ll guide you through the design process to ensure the true essence of your brand shines through.

If you’re interested in working with us or you’d like to submit your wedding we’d love to hear from you. To speak with us directly please call 07730 408971.

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