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Hi there you! I’m so pleased you’re here and welcome to my little space in the blogiverse.

Event Planner, Creative Director, Budget Genius!
Emma-Jane Wright
but my friends call me EJ

My name is Emma-Jane but my friends often call me EJ. I currently live in Leicestershire with my husband Brian whom I adore and also work with! I’m words and he’s graphics but I design the website (although he often gets the credit!) and together we design the magazine.


Brian heads up our small design studio and supports wedding suppliers and venues with their branding, leaflets, signage and logos. We are about to branch out into producing a range of wedding stationery too – keep an eye out for that.


I started my business over 12 years ago but I’m not sure where all that time has gone! It began with me grabbing all my event and hospitality experience and stepping out to be an independent wedding planner. In an unexpected twist, suppliers and venues were soon asking me to plan design-led wedding fairs for them as many fairs in those days were less than inspiring! On the back of the fairs and my blog I ended up helping couples virtually instead and I’m pleased to say I’m still friends with many of those brides who now have growing families of their own!


My wedding fairs were known to be very well attended and featured many of the best suppliers around at top notch wedding venues.

My business grew, Brian came on board full time and together we launched a printed wedding magazine under the title ‘Buckinghams’. Then came Covid and a further decline of interest in printed publishing so we stopped our print run in 2020. Most businesses love to be featured in a printed magazine but very few want to pay for the privilege so it makes producing a printed magazine extremely expensive. It’s no wonder titles such as Brides, You & Your Wedding and Wedding Ideas have turned to digital or disappeared all together.


In 2024 I decided to go back to my roots and launched Fizzy Do. I offer professional event and wedding planning services for couples who would like professional help with their wedding or event.

I see a lot of wedding planners wanting to take on the whole event, and yes I can do that if required, but I’m also here for couples who need just a few hours of advice or some help as and when along their journey.

I’m also not interested in large lavish events – if I’m honest I prefer small, intimate family weddings or elopements which often serve to have much more authentic meaning. I’m here for the maturer couple too – those madly in love duos who want something special but don’t want the latest trends and gimmicks.

I offer a can-do attitude, honesty, discretion and trust at all times, a sense of humour. Your wedding is not about me and my instagram feed – it’s about you all the way.


  • Wedding Planning Advice – from £250
  • Venue Search – from £495
  • Supplier Search – from £250

See my full price list on Fizzy Do


You may or may not believe me when I tell you I had my first hotel job at the tender age of five – but it’s true! I was Chief Biscuit Arranger for the early morning tea and coffee trays for room service. By nine years old I was an experienced table layer, cutlery polisher, glass inspector, napkin folder extraordinaire, trainee waitress, ice bucket filler and responsible for the most beautifully stocked display of mixers behind the bar. I was also on the housekeeping team and proficient in hospital corners earning my 50p a week pocket money on Saturday mornings. Before you think I was a victim of child labour I should point out that my family were hoteliers so I grew up surrounded by the world of hospitality and in those days we all mucked in. And I LOVED it!


I guess you could say hospitality is in my blood so it’s no surprise that as an adult much of my worklife has been spent working in and around events. I firmly believe to be an excellent event professional you have to earn your stripes across all hospitality departments to truly understand how everything comes together seamlessly. I’ve definitely earned mine.

From washing dishes, making beds, waiting tables and preparing drinks, I worked my way up to Head of Department level in a 4 Red Star Country House Hotel. From co-ordinating helicopters for Wall Street Bankers, assisting a Prime Minister’s wife, greeting royalty, Hollywood royalty, locating awol grooms and working weddings, parties and corporate events both large and small, there’s not a lot I haven’t seen (or heard!). Over the years I’ve soaked up all this experience to develop a solid knowledge of what it takes to design and execute a wonderful experience your guests will long remember.


As Creative Director on styled shoots my little black book is brimming with superb trusted venues and suppliers with whom I work to make the magic happen. Many of those names offer my clients exclusive offers and discounts. I also offer a Supplier Search & Venue Finding Service for clients who don’t require my planning service.

Great Design, Impeccable Planning & Sensible Budget Management Are The Ingredients For A Successful Event


I find it hard tooting my own horn but if I have to say one thing it would be this – I’m a bit of a genius with budgets!

Planning events is my thing. It’s not just the creative element, venue search, supplier co-ordination and guest experience. Just as important is managing the budget wisely. I love the wow factor (don’t we all) but I’ll always be honest with my clients if I think there is a risk of overspending for spend’s sake. At the end of the day it’s your event, your money and your decisions but you can always rely on me to be led by my head and not my heart, guiding you gently and honestly. Trust is very important to me. I want to become the event planner you always turn to.

EJ will help you plan a fabulous party, intimate dining experience or a beautiful wedding

Believe it or not ‘Fizzy Do’ was my first choice of name for Buckinghams but for some reason we went with the latter at the time. Perhaps it was serendipity and meant to be put ‘on ice’ until the time was right.

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I also organise Business Networking Events for wedding businesses. It’s a great way to meet new people and grow opportunities. Alongside this I offer business advice sessions (when I get time!)


I’m here for the realistic and the achievable. I’m here for the sensible alongside the dreams. I’m here for those couples that say no to gimmicks for the sake of having them but ‘hell yeah’ to creating a wedding that’s heavy on organic moments and life long memories. If you love food, and popping corks, and amazing locations and special moments that happen naturally – you’ve find the perfect spot!

Emma-Jane x

(c) EJ Wright & Dottie Photography